Hall Suitability

The Hall is suitable for bookings by Community Groups and also for such things like band practices, art classes; perhaps you would like to start a Book Club, run a dance class or have a table top/car boot sale. It would also be suitable for small commercial sales or pop-up shop or if you wish to undertake any staff training days. 


It is also great for children's parties, due to the cooking facilities, safe adjacent play area and off-street parking.


Car Parking

There is a small of amount of off-road parking available adjacent to the Hall. It is not specifically marked, but we are working towards a more permanent facility to make it safe and easy for all Hall users, and especially for those living with a disability and for those attending with small children. We ask that Hall users refrain from leaving their vehicles overnight, as this can limit space for those using it the next day, although we appreciate that it might not always be safe for you to move your car after an event.



It is expected that you leave the Hall as you find it. We supply all cleaning materials and bin bags and there are Council bins for recycling and general rubbish, located outside the hall, near the curb-side. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT GOES IN EACH BIN.  Thank you.


Toilet paper and bathroom cleaning products are also provided, along with a bucket/mop and  vacuum cleaner.


Please use our email address to advise us if you use the last of these products and we will  arrange replenishment.


We do expect that any cleaning will be done at the completion of your event, as there maybe another user booked for the next day.


If you are unhappy about any issue to do with the Hall please contact us via our email address. We check our emails on a regular basis.


Kitchen and Toilets

There is a fully fitted kitchen available, which includes a 4-hob cooker and oven, microwave and refrigerator, and some small kitchen appliances.


Ladies and Gentlemen's toilet facilities are available.








We have provided hand sanitiser for when you enter the Hall.  The bathrooms and kitchen have antibacterial soaps at each sink.  There are disinfectant sprays and wipes, for wiping down chairs, tables, door handles, hard surfaces etc.  Bin bags are also supplied for your rubbish.  Please put the rubbish directly in the Green Wheelie Bins outside the Hall - noting what should and should not go in the recycling (Blue) bin. 


If at all possible please maintain ventilation in the Hall by having at least one window open. 


Please advise fellow attendees to wear face coverings if you/they think appropriate.  If these are disposable, please place directly into the Green Wheelie Bin outside the Hall.  


We do expect Hall Hirers to respect the current Goverment Guidelines with regard to social distancing at all times during the course of your hire. These guidelines are constantly being updated so please refer to the NHS Scotland Inform website for the latest news.